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Set Medics from Set Medics UK

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 Using the term set medic for TV or Film medical requirements is often a misnomer. 

Actually, there  are three types of medics employed for every Film / TV production: set medics, off-production medics and the key medic. 

Where you need us - When you need us

When time counts Set Medics UK wil be ready where and when you need them, On Location, On Set,

Our medics will always be on set, on site and on radio - you will not find our medics sat in cars or trailers. Set Medics UK are highly experienced in TV & Film medical cover pre, during and post filming and are very aware of SETIQUETTE and always happy to help the production in any way we can.

Expect the Unexpected & Always be Prepared

In an emergency we are alwasy on set on location on unit,

  We will be right there with you in case we are needed. We ensure you have access to proper medical support, correct medical equipment and our staff have extensive training to reduce injury and potentially save lives. Set Medics UK provide one-2-one attention and care that is second to none.


Key Medics

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 The key medic is often the first medical provider hired for a film production and works as the first aid department head. Hired by one of  the film’s producers, the key medic is the person who is ultimately  responsible for staffing the medical department with the right crew for the job. It’s a job with tremendous responsibility and usually reserved for people well known in the industry who have displayed on multiple films the ability to handle the job. At Set Medics UK we can handle the job!

Set Medics

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 Set medics are those that are actually assigned to work on set while  filming is being done. They work closely with the stunt coordinators,  the onset fire marshal, and the assistant directors. They attend meetings to see exactly how the days film schedule looks, whether or not there are any potential hazardous stunts being performed and what the exact plans are should something go wrong.  

Set Medics UK only provide registered healthcare professionals to cover sets. 

Off Production Medics

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 The off production medic is the one who is responsible for watching  over the various labourers, carpenters and set designers etc. Watching over the construction or strike of the sets used in the filming process. Whilst being a construction medic may definitely seem to be the less glamorous of the two, it certainly still needs experienced medics as construction and strike have very real hazards. 

All Set Medics UK staff are highly experienced NHS or Military Medics.

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